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Tools Used: 

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshoop

O My Wood


For the love of furniture and lifestyle, O My Wood brings to you a tasteful blend of elegance and practicality.

O My Wood - Making Luxury Affordable.


Client: O My Wood

O My Wood is a furniture store based in Kleve, Germany.

They retail handcrafted mango wood furniture imported all the way from India. Their furniture is modern, chic and elegant, and that is converted into the overall brand identity and design.

The colour palette includes Yellow, Green, Red, Black and White. The colours were inspired by nature since the product is natural and also from the mango wood - which has a characteristic yellow tinge to it.

The overall brand language is minimal and clean - just like their products. It was a deliberate effort to convert the design style of the products to the overall identity design of O My Wood.

Minimal - Chic - Efficient.

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