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Mumbai Deco


ART DECO has had a lasting influence on the world with its symmetric designs and rich colours.


While, over the years, the city of Mumbai has transformed in several ways, these Art Deco structures have endured, held their own and remained, just like its inhabitants, as charming as ever.

Graduation Project

Agency: Umbrella Design

Mumbai’s Art Deco heritage or “Bombay Deco”, originated as early as the 1920s, spanning across the ’30s and ’40s. Similar to the earlier Art Nouveau design style and the Bauhaus movement, the Art Deco movement embraced all types of art from jewellery, furniture design, textiles, fashion, graphics and industrial design.

Second, only to Miami, the city has over 200 Art Deco structures belonging to a distinctly unique, but often under-publicised architectural style that is a nod to a bygone era of boisterous sanguinity and prosperity of the city.

My project focuses on Art Deco in Mumbai and its glory. I have deconstructed patterns that I found on the buildings to create a series of postcards in remembrance of the glorious period in the history of art and architecture.

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