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Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign

Eventually Everything Connects


Sometimes emotion and sensation are better proxies for the modern state of being.
A receptiveness to experience that is the true luxury of our era.

Agency Work | The Space at 9/2

Client: Savoir Faire


Eventually Everything Connects is a publication that was designed for Savoir Faire - a luxury retail exhibit - to commemorate it completing 10 years. The publication was designed and printed before the 10th anniversary of the exhibit that is held every year to celebrate fashion.

The title of this publication and most of the primary designs have been influenced by mathematics, philosophy and that grey area where they connect. A vital feature of the publication is the representations of the Fibonacci series that have been used to create trippy perspectives throughout the publication, along with the bold use of typography. NOE DISPLAY - the font used for the headline, and other bold typography - is sharp and characteristic, much like the brand that talks about the rooted history and an evolved future.

The idea of the publication is to explore the concept of luxury and to explain luxury in terms of emotive concepts, which isn’t new but one that is essential to be spoken about — as a marker for happiness and as something that together adds up to a sum of possibilities.


Much like the theme of the publication, each element of it was used as a medium to further explore the concept of luxury which in turn is also reflected in the colour palette that uses Dark Olive and Midnight blue as its primary colours as well as explores softer and lighter hues to juxtapose and create a contrast with the darker hues.



Interview section

Luxury and retail as individual components and how they can collaboratively work together


The Luxury Of Experimentation: Established and fresh names showcase their novel communique and how it defines them


Moments Of Contemplation: The image that never got taken; Trippy Perspective; Photo-story

Musings on luxury

It’s all about opening a window to the world, if anyone ever took the time


Noe Display ~  Schick Toikka

Apercu ~ Colophon


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Catalogue Design


Conceptual Design

Branding, Identity & Print Design


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